How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console

So, you’ve developed an incredible website. Gathered all the valuable information & services together & ready to share with the world. After successfully completed a website design, we all wish that our website should be visible on Google search & rank in the first place. But it is a bit difficult to be a part of Google search appearance & ranking in the first place is a little more difficult. But don’t worry, you can do this without spending a single penny on anyone. Just open your computer & follow the steps given below.

For now, just think about being visible on Google search results. For that, Google needs to “crawl” and “index” your content. Google does all of the indexing procedure automatically over periods of days or weeks, but you can submit your site to Google Search Console to accelerate your SEO. But before that, let’s explore how Google crawling & indexing works.

How Google Finds Your Content

Google has a huge database to collect & crawl billions of websites & their contents. Every search engine has its own crawler to collect the information from the web, Google’s crawler name is Googlebot – also known as a “Spider”. It begins with a list of URLs generated with its previous indexed pages and then expands those results with the information (sitemap data) collected from the Google Search Console. During this process, Googlebot search for the new links, broken links & redirection updates on the existing links.

If new URLs found in this process, Google will crawl them & potentially list them on the search results based on different criteria. Once the crawling process completed & all the preferred pages indexed, Google starts looking at the information provided in the contents such as title, alt text, media, excerpt, etc. You will never need to submit every update o Google Search Console because it will be discovered automatically. All of the processes may take a little bit more time than your expectation. Let’s move on to the main topic.

How To Submit Website on Google Search Console (Brand New Site)

Step 1: Join Google Search Console with your existing Google account, or create a new Google Account.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Google Search Console

Step 2: If your website contains multiple subdomains (m, www, store, etc.), then chose the first option. If your domain only starts with ‘www’, then you can choose the 2nd option (it’s recommended to chose the first option for everyone).

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
First Page – Google Search Console Setup

Step 3: Verify the ownership of your domain by following the instructions given to you according to your domain registrar. Here is given the standard method for all DNS providers:

Step 3 (A): Copy the verification TXT code given to you.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Domain verification – Google Search Console

Step 3 (B): Then open your cPanel account & go to zone editor. Chose your domain & click on ‘Manage’.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Add TXT Record to verify domain

Step 3 (C): Click on ‘Add Record’ & paste you TXT code. Save the record & go back to your Search Console page.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Add TXT Record to verify domain

Step 3 (D): Click on the verify button & within a moment your domain will be verified (sometimes it cloud be take a little more time, stay patient).

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Completed Verification

Step 4: You’ll be redirected to a clean Dashboard of Google Search Console. Now the submitting process starts. But wait, do you have your sitemap? If not, click HERE to generate a new sitemap. Upload your sitemap to the root directory of your website & submit the sitemap’s URL on the sitemap section of Google Search Console.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Submit Sitemap URL

You are done. You can check if your site listed on Google or not. type ‘site:yourdomain’. You’ll see the listed pages of your site as Google search result.

How to Submit Your Website to Google Search Console
Listed Pages on Google

If no content is indexed yet for a site, Google will let you know that your search did not match any results.

As soon as the submission completed, Google starts crawling the pages & the indexing procedure may take a couple of weeks after submission. So, check Search Console status periodically to see your active indexing requests.

What If The Domain is Already Submitted?

If you have already submitted domain & launching new pages to the site, you can still update your new pages to Google Search Console and rank them as well. The procedure is the same as brand new site submission.

As you know that Google automatically collects new pages that you’ve added after submission, but if you post some very important data that need to be indexed quickly, updating the sitemap will be the best option for that.


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