• Easy Digital Downloads Gravity Forms Checkout Addon v1.5.2

    Gravity Forms Checkout combines the tremendous power of Gravity Forms with the ease and simplicity of Easy Digital Downloads. The extension allows you to create purchase forms for any of your products through Gravity Forms. With a purchase form created through Gravity Forms, customers purchase the product simply by filling out the form, completely bypassing the standard EDD checkout page. This allows you to take advantage of Gravity Forms amazing conditional logic, calculation fields, and more.

    The power of Gravity Forms combined with the reporting and file delivery of Easy Digital Downloads.

    In short, Gravity Forms Checkout lets you create the perfect purchase form for your website, whatever your requirements are.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Download Image Watermark Addon v1.1.2

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Download Image Watermark Addon Nulled CodeCanyon 16064112
    Easy Digital Downloads Image Watermark extension allows you to easy add watermarks to your Easy Digital Downloads images.
    These watermarks can be an image copyright symbol, company logo or piece of branding text as a transparent PNG image.You can have different watermarks for:

    • Full Image
    • Large Image
    • Medium Image
    • Post-thumbnail Image
    • Thumbnail Image


    • Automatically add watermarks to download image that you want to upload to a downloads page.
    • You can also apply watermarks to an already uploaded download images.
    • Easily choose from any 9 positions to place the watermark. You can place it in middle, middle left, middle right, top left, top center, top right, bottom left, bottom center & bottom right.
    • Ability to apply same watermark multiple times on a single image.
    • Ability to set a watermark on all custom sizes of an image.
    • It provides a very friendly and easy to mange admin panel with a clean user-interface.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping Addon v2.3.8

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Simple Shipping Addon Nulled EDD
    Easy Digital Downloads is built specifically for selling digital products, but some people love the plugin so much that they want to use it for selling physical products as well. For this reason, we have built the Simple Shipping extension that adds some simple shipping features to Easy Digital Downloads.

    This extension is designed primarily for those people selling mostly digital products (as EDD is designed to do) with a few physical products on the site, perhaps DVD versions of your video downloads, or perhaps CDs of downloadable audio files. Perhaps even t-shirts to complement your digital brand.

    With this extension you can easily collect shipping info from your customers during checkout, set shipping rates for domestic and international orders, and mark payments as being shipped or not.

    Shipping can be enabled on a per-product basis and can even be enabled on a per-price basis for products with multiple price options.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Checkout Fields Manager Addon v2.2.0.1

    With Checkout Fields Manager, you can easily add new, custom fields to the Easy Digital Downloads checkout screen. Using the intuitive drag-and-drop interface, you can add new text fields, drop downs, file uploads, checkboxes, and just about any other kind of field you might need. With 22 field types, the possibilities are nearly endless.
    The following field types are supported:

    • First Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Text
    • Textarea
    • Dropdown
    • Date
    • Multi Select
    • Radio
    • Checkbox
    • File Upload
    • URL
    • Repeat Field (multi column supported)
    • HTML
    • Honeypot
    • reCaptcha 2.0
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Country
    • Email
    • Hidden
    • Select
    • Dev Hook for additional types

    All information submitted through the custom checkout fields is available on the View Order Details screen for purchases or on individual customer records, depending on how you choose to save the checkout fields. Information is also appended to the payment history CSV export, as well as the purchase receipt and admin notice emails via template tags.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Invoices Addon v1.3.5

    This Invoices extension allows your customers to generate an invoice for their purchase after the purchase is complete. These invoices can include complete company details, such as name, address, and tax ID, that customers can use for accounting and tax purposes.

    Demo : https://easydigitaldownloads.com/

  • Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Reports Addon v1.0.2

    Advanced Reports is a reporting tool that allows you to create in-depth reports for earnings, taxes, and sales based on your store’s activity. The reports can be filtered by payment status, date, products, and more.

    Perhaps you need to know the total number of completed sales for Product A and Product C for the last 30 days. With Advanced Reports, you can easily specify which products to include in your report as well as specific details about what information is needed for each product.

    If this information is just for your own use, you may be okay with viewing an information graph or table right as soon as the report is created. Or perhaps you need to send a report to a team member. Your report can also be exported to a CSV file.

    For a quick view of frequently needed information, Advanced Reports dashboard widgets can also be shown on your main WordPress dashboard, so you can know at all times how your store is doing.

    Whether you need highly detailed reports about specific products at a moment’s notice, or you’d like to have easy access to general information about your store’s performance displayed every time you log into your site, Advanced Reports can get the job done.

    Have a look at the screenshots below for a visual of how Advanced Reports works

  • Easy Digital Downloads Campaign Monitor Addon v1.1.1

    This add-on will add an option to the checkout page that allows users to signup for your newsletter at the same time as purchasing. As just a simple checkbox, this is guaranteed to create more newsletter sign ups than a regular subscribe form placed elsewhere on your site.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Conditional Gateways Addon v1.0.3

    This extension allows you to configure payment gateways on a per-download basis.

    Do you have products that may only be purchased through certain payment processors? This is the perfect extension for you.

    You can use this extension to enable or disable payment methods based on what is in the customer’s shopping cart.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Envato Integration Addon v1.0.1

    EDD Envato is a slick way to offer discounts and fast registration on your Easy Digital Downloads site for your Envato customers. EDD Envato will verify the purchase code and create the user (along with notification emails) for you, on top of that you can track all purchase codes used on your site as well.

    How It Works
    A person who buys an item from you on Envato comes to your Easy Digital Downloads website. You can place the EDD Envato shortcode anywhere you want to render the sign up form with a little info to the user. After entering their purchase code and email an account will be created for them (if the code is valid.) If you enable the discount as well, the user will also receive a special one time use discount / coupon that you can configure from the settings page.


    • Takes 30 seconds to install!
    • Just as easy to use as it is to install – just configure how you like and place the shortcode!
    • Checks to make sure the user is an actual Envato customer of yours by validating the purchase code.
    • All purchase codes are logged and you can view all of their information and what user they are attached to from a search-able table.
    • Give valid Envato customers a custom discount of your choice – pick any amount and discount type of percentage / flat rate.
    • Handles all user registration / notification messages.
    • Allows your Envato customers to register quickly!
    • Comes with full documentation and instructions.
    • Free updates!

    Compatible With All The Popular Browsers

    • Google Chrome – All Recent Releases
    • Firefox – All Recent Releases
    • Safari – All Recent Releases
    • Opera – All Recent Releases
    • Internet Explorer 6,7,8
    • Internet Explorer 9 & 10
    • Works on all iOS5 devices! iPhone, iPad, and iTouch + Android Devices
  • Easy Digital Downloads Per Product Notifications Addon v1.2.3

    Per Product Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to define additional email addresses that should receive sale notifications anytime a product is sold. This is perfect for stores that sell products from others, letting you notify them about sales of their products.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Resend Receipt Addon v1.0.2

    The Resend Receipt extension for Easy Digital Downloads allows your customers to resend their purchase receipts directly from your website without logging into their account. This is a great addition for stores that allow guest purchases, or do not want to require their users to log in, to be able to get a new copy of their receipt.

    When logged out of their account, visitors can be presented with a form to enter the necessary information to have their receipt resent to the email address they used at the time purchase.
    Additional Features:

    • Integrates directly with the Purchase History shortcode in Easy Digital Downloads
    • Optionally, site owners can also receive email notifications when a customer requests a receipt be resent.
    • Built-in rate limiting, to prevent continually submitting the same request over and over.
    • Supports enabling on a per-product basis.
  • Easy Digital Downloads SOFORT Banking Addon v1.0

    This extension allows you to process payments through SOFORT Banking.
    Once activated, go to Downloads > Settings > Payments Gateways and enter your SOFORT Configuration ID.

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