• Easy Digital Downloads ConvertKit Addon v1.0.9

    This extension integrates your Easy Digital Downloads store with ConvertKit by letting you automatically subscribe customers to forms and courses based on what they purchased, and allowing customers to opt themselves into a subscription during checkout.

    Once activated, you will have the option to enable a “global” form subscription that all customers are given an option of subscribing to during checkout. You can also enable automatic subscriptions to one or more forms for purchasing specific products.

    ConvertKit is one of the premier solutions for email marketers. It’s simple to use yet exceptionally powerful. When combined with Easy Digital Downloads, you can step up your marketing efforts, resulting in more sales and happier customers.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Widgets Pack Addon v1.2.6

    This WordPress plugin bundles 8 custom widgets for Easy Digital Downloads, including:

    • Top Sellers – A list of EDD Top selling downloads.
    • Related Downloads – A list of EDD related downloads. Works on a download’s single view.
    • Most Recent – A list of EDD most recent downloads.
    • Featured Download – A hand-picked featured EDD download.
    • Random Download – A random EDD download.
    • Most Commented – A list of EDD most commented downloads.
    • Downloads Archive – A monthly archive of your site’s EDD downloads.
    • Downloads Calendar – A calendar of your site’s EDD downloads.

    Other Features:

    • Carefully crafted with WordPress coding standards.
    • Caches output for a better performance.
    • It is possible to individually enable or disable the different widgets.
    • Ready for internationalization.
    • Languages: English, Spanish.

    Demo : https://easydigitaldownloads.com/

  • Easy Digital Downloads Stripe Payment Gateway Addon v2.8.8

    This add-on Stripe payment gateway allows you to accept credit cards directly on your site through your Stripe.com account. When purchasing downloads through the Stripe gateway with Easy Digital Downloads for WordPress, users enter their credit card details during the checkout process and never leave your site, resulting in a better experience for the user, and more successful conversions for you.

    Demo : https://easydigitaldownloads.com/

  • Easy Digital Downloads MailChimp Addon v3.0.16

    This extension integrates your Easy Digital Downloads store with MailChimp and provides access to MailChimp’s extensive eCommerce automation features.

    Through this extension you can automatically subscribe customers to specific lists and groups based the item(s) they have purchased. You can also allow customers to opt themselves into a list subscription during checkout, and you can choose to enable or disable double opt-in for email subscriptions.

    With complete support for MailChimp’s eCommerce tracking, this extension also provides you with access to the eCommerce reports and automation tools inside of your MailChimp account.


    Demo : https://easydigitaldownloads.com/

  • CartFlows Pro – Get More Leads, Increase Conversions, & Maximize Profits Pro v1.11.45+ Free v1.11.6

    Download CartFlows Pro – Get More Leads, Increase Conversions, & Maximize Profits Free

    • Fully Featured
    • Unlimited Carts & Flows
    • Premium Templates
    • Enhanced WooCommerce Checkout
    • Checkout Fields Customizer
    • One Click Order Bump
    • One Click Upsell & Downsell
    • Top Notch Support
    • Amazing User Community
    • Great Documentation & Video Tutorials
    • Analytics & A/B Testing (coming)
    • SkillJet Training Academy (coming)
    You can edit everything but you can’t import PRO demos.


    1. Upload, Install and activate: cartflow.zip
    2. Upload, Install and activate: cartflow-pro.zip
  • PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro By PimWick v1.407

    Download PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Pro By PimWick Nulled Free Premium Plugin
    Gift Cards are convenient and increase sales organically. The WooCommerce Gift Cards plugin makes it easy to sell gift cards to your store. So easy to get started, you can be selling gift cards for your WooCommerce store in minutes!
    PW WooCommerce Gift Cards Prolets you do more:

    Bonus Gift Cards – Offer a free gift card for purchasing a gift card. For example, “Buy a $25 gift card, get a $5 gift card free!”
    Enhanced Email Designer – Even more customization for your gift card email. Includes the ability to set a background image.
    Set Custom Amounts – Allow customers to specify the amount. You can set a minimum and a maximum amount.
    Schedule Delivery – Customers can specify when a gift card should be delivered. Great for birthdays, anniversaries, and more!
    Specify a Default Amount – Choose an amount that will be pre-selected when purchasing a gift card.
    Customer-facing Balance Page – A shortcode to let customers check their gift card balances.
    Reloading – Optionally allow customers to purchase additional funds on existing gift cards.
    Debiting – Optionally allow a gift card to be debited from the Check Balance page. This is useful for physical stores where customers bring in a card to redeem in person so the cashier does not have to log into the backend.
    Guest Checkout – Gift cards are not tied to a specific account so that guests can redeem gift cards.
    Ignore Coupons – Optionally ignore the coupon discount for the gift card product. Coupon still applies to other items in the cart!
    Expiration Dates – Automatically set an expiration date based on the purchase date.
    CC and BCC – Carbon Copy or Blind Carbon Copy gift card emails.
    Balance Adjustments – Perform balance adjustments in the admin area.
    Delete Gift Cards – Soft-delete or permanently delete gift cards from the database.
    Recipient Friendly Name – Optionally allow purchasing customer to put the recipient name (“John”, “Mom”, “Uncle Joe”, etc).
    Sell Physical Gift Cards – Import existing gift card numbers and balances.
    Manually Generate Gift Cards – Specify the amount and quantity for the cards to create multiple cards in one step.

    Custom Redeem URL – Control where customers land in your store when clicking the Redeem button.
    Rest API – Compatible with the WooCommerce Rest API to show redeemed gift cards on the Orders endpoint. Documentation
    Compatible with most themes and plugins – Including Flatsome, WooCommerce Pre-Orders, and more.
  • Direct Checkout Pro – Add To Cart Redirect, Buy Now Button WooCommerce v1.3.9.11

    Download Direct Checkout Pro – Add To Cart Redirect, Buy Now Button WooCommerce Nulled Free
    PRO Direct checkout, Add to cart redirect, Quick purchase button, Buy now button, Quick View button for WooCommerce


    • Product specific overwrite of global redirect setting
    • Change the redirect page for a specific product
    • Change redirect page for the specific product even on archive product
    • No other plugin provide product-specific redirect page in Ajax add to cart
    • Disable redirect for a specific product
    • Set redirect on a specific product only
    • Set custom redirect url on per product basis, so when they add that particular product in cart they get redirected to that specific link that you have set for that product, this will increase your sales.
    • Modify label of Buy now / quick purchase button
    • Change position of the buy now / quick purchase button
    • Change redirect page for buy now / quick purchase button
    • You can disable Buy now button for specific product
    • Quick view button, with lots of option to customize the quicview box
    • Redirect url can be other domain url, you will have to mention the domain name of all such url in the plugin setting, if the domain name of the url is not in the safe list then it wont redirect to that url
    • Show Buy now ption for the variable product on the Shop / category page, this will add the first variation of the product to the cart
  • Social Warfare Pro v4.2.1

    Social Warfare – Pro offers tons of great features to make your social sharing more powerful!

  • Live Chat Unlimited – WordPress Plugin v2.9.5

    Bestseller chat plugin is now smarter and faster! LC is designed for sales and support.
  • Pretty Links Developer Edition WordPress Plugin v3.2.3

    Pretty Links helps you shrink, beautify, track, manage and share any URL on or off of your WordPress website. Create links that look how you want using your own domain name!


    Pretty Links enables you to shorten links using your own domain name (as opposed to using tinyurl.com, bit.ly, or any other link shrinking service)! In addition to creating clean links, Pretty Links tracks each hit on your URL and provides a full, detailed report of where the hit came from, the browser, os and host. Pretty Links is a killer plugin for people who want to clean up their affiliate links, track clicks from emails, their links on Twitter to come from their own domain, or generally increase the reach of their website by spreading these links on forums or comments on other blogs.

  • Uncanny Automator Pro WordPress Plugin v4.7.0.1

    Build better experiences for WP users

    Connect your existing WordPress plugins together easily and with no code. Build recipes that personalize your site for users and cut admin time by automating routine tasks. Set up your first recipe in 5 minutes.


  • WebinarPress Pro – WordPress Webinar Plugin v2.24.38

    • Interact with your attendees by letting them ask questions and answer them during the webinar either in your video or with question and answer feature.
    • Fully responsive pages so visitors can attend a webinar from every mobile device or tablet.
    • Collect attendees’ names and email addresses and import them into your third-party email provider.
    • Fully customizable email reminders so your attendees so don’t miss the webinar.
    • Optional replays so attendees who missed the timeslot get a second chance.

    View Demo

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