• Easy Digital Downloads Commissions Addon v3.4.12

    This add-on allows you to easily record user commissions when a sale is made. Want to split revenue between multiple users and have all of the math and complicated aspects handled for you? This is exactly what this extension will provide for you.

    Commissions is the perfect extension for sites that wish to create a marketplace system that allows users to receive earnings on a commission basis.

    When commissions are recorded, they will be listed on the new Commissions page added under the main Downloads menu.

    This extension includes the ability to generate a CSV file of all unpaid commissions, or unpaid commissions over a specific date range, that you can then upload to PayPal’s mass payment system, or use to process the commission payouts however you wish. If you use PayPal Adaptive Payments, you will also have the option of paying out commissions instantly.

    Also included in the Commissions extension, is a new commissions-paid-per-month graph on the Reports page that allows you to see exactly how much you are paying out in commissions over time.
    The extension includes several shortcodes as well:

    • [edd_commissions] – displays a list of the commissions for the currently logged-in user
    • [edd_commissioned_products] – displays a list of the products the user receives commissions on
    • [edd_commissions_overview] – displays an overview of the sales and earnings for the currently logged-in user
    • [edd_commissions_graph] – displays a filterable graph of earnings and sales for the user for a specific month and year
  • Easy Digital Downloads Free Downloads Addon v2.3.10

    This extension adds improved support for free products in Easy Digital Downloads. Instead of sending users through the standard checkout process when downloading a free file, Free Downloads will display a modal window to the user asking them to enter their email address. After entering their information, the user will be either redirected to the success page or a custom page of your choosing, or their file will be automatically downloaded, depending on your configuration.

    The download modal also includes support for the users first and last name, user registration, custom text, as well as requiring email address verification before delivering files

  • Easy Digital Downloads PDF Invoices Addon v2.2.29

    PDF Invoices for Easy Digital Downloads provides a complete system for generating invoices for all customers. It allows you and yours customers to download invoices of any purchases in a nice and easy way. This add-on is a huge asset for your website and allows you to tailor invoices for your websites with the customizable settings.

    To download an invoice, simply visit the “Payment History” page and a Download Invoice link will be available for each download.

    Customers can download the same invoices for the purchases that they’ve made from the Purchase History page (requires that you use the [purchase_history] shortcode).

    A template tag can also be added to the Purchase Receipt (under Settings > Emails) to create a link to the downloadable invoice in the emailed purchase receipts.

    All the invoices can be easily customized to display the text, label, notes, etc, that you wish.
    12 fully designed invoice templates are included, as well as 12 matching email receipt templates.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Cross-sell and Upsell Addon v1.1.9

    Increase sales by cross-selling and upselling to your customers
    Cross-selling is suggesting additional products to your customers that complement what they have already added to their shopping cart. These suggested cross-sell products are shown on the checkout page.
    Upselling is suggesting similar, slightly higher value products to a customer than what they are currently viewing — for example, a bundle or package that also includes that product. Upsells are shown on an individual product’s page.
    Custom headings
    Personalise the headings that appear above your cross-sells and upsells. In the instance where multiple cross-sells are triggered at checkout and the custom heading is not relevant, a generic heading can be configured.
    See how well your cross-sells and upsells are performing with a summary of total number of sales and earnings for each product.
    Enhanced payment details
    View details of a specific payment to see exactly which purchased products were cross-sells and which were upsells.
    Export a history of both Cross-sells and Upsells in CSV format, for any month, any year, or any status.
    Just like the other logs in Easy Digital Downloads, you can view logs for both cross-sells and upsells. Look under the hood and see all the cross-sells or upsells for a specific payment ID.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Manual Purchases Addon v2.0.5

    This add-on gives you the ability to manually create purchases and attribute them to any registered user or guest. You simply select the Downloads you wish to assign to the buyer, enter a user ID or email address, and click “Create Payment”.

    When manual payments are created, all earnings and sales stats are updated to reflect the manual purchase, just as they are when real purchases are made.

    Full support for variables prices is included.

    An amount override option is included, letting you manually specify the amount of the purchase. If you leave the amount override blank, the purchase price will be automatically calculated.

    Note: the purchase receipt will be emailed to the buyer when the payment is created.
    Requires Easy Digital Downloads v1.7 or later.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Fraud Monitor Addon v1.1.5

    Fraud is a very real threat to eCommerce stores and can be extremely costly to store owners. A single fraudulent transaction could easily cost you $150 or more. If you aren’t already proactively working against it, you should be.

    Along with being costly to deal with, fraud can also be detrimental to store operations as merchant processors will often disable payment accounts if the fraud rate is too high. This can happen without warning and cause severe complications. Actively protecting against fraudulent transactions on your eCommerce site is one of the most important things you as a store owner can do.

    Fraud Monitor is an extension that adds robust monitoring to your Easy Digital Downloads store and works for you to automatically detect possibly fraudulent purchases, allowing you to rest easy and focus on growing your business instead of fighting fraud.

    Each time a purchase is made, Fraud Monitor runs the information through a series of checks and will automatically flag the purchase as needing further review if it detects anything suspicious.

    When a purchase is flagged as possibly fraudulent, an email can be delivered automatically to the site admin and/or to the customer in order to request additional information necessary for verifying the purchase. Once the purchase is reviewed by a site manager, the receipt and download links can be released to the customer. If the purchase is confirmed to be fraudulent, Fraud Monitor allows you to easily reverse the payment, preventing costly chargebacks or fraud penalties in the future.
    Fraud Monitor includes the ability to moderate payments when:

    • An email addresses matches common fraud patterns.
    • An IP address has already been flagged as possible fraud.
    • A purchase comes from a country store owners identify as having high fraud rates.
    • A purchase pattern contains product combinations that a typical customer wouldn’t purchase.
    • A purchase has an unusually high total.
    • A purchase has an unusually high number of items.
    • A purchase is made from outside a certain radius in relation to the billing address.
    • A store owner manually flags a payment to be reviewed or as fraudulent.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Recommended Products Addon v1.2.13

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Recommended Products Addon Nulled EDD
    Recommended Products for Easy Digital Downloads allows you to show a cross sell of recommended products when viewing downloads or the checkout screen, with just a couple of checkboxes. These aren’t “related products” but specifically chosen products based off your stores previous sales. Every night, the recommendations are refreshed to include the day’s sales. You can manually run the update script as well via the Easy Digital Downloads Extensions Settings page.

    • Fully Templatable – Don’t like the built in templates? That’s okay, add your template to the edd_templates folder of your theme and you can style your own recommendations pod.
    • Integrates with Easy Digital Downloads Settings – No new settings pages to learn. Just use the Settings page and click on the ‘Extensions’ tab.
    • Imports pre-existing sales – If you’ve been using Easy Digital Downloads for a while, that’s ok. Upon activation Recommended Products looks through your past sales and determines the recommendations.
    • Restrict to only paid items – If you have free products, you can remove them from the recommendations pod in the settings.
    • User Specific Capabilities – Supply the recommendations function with a user ID and products the user has already purchased will be removed from the recommendations.
    • Cart Integration – If a user already has a product in the cart, it will be removed from the recommendations.
    • Detailed Logging – Each item purchased via a recommendation can be seen in the Easy Digital Downloads reports area. Filter by source and item purchased to visualize how well your recommendations are converting.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Frontend Submissions Addon v2.7.2

    Frontend Submissions provides a full-featured package to turn your Easy Digital Downloads powered website into a complete multi-vendor marketplace.

    Vendor dashboard
    With Frontend Submissions, users can register to become a vendor from the frontend and then, once approved, have complete access to their vendor dashboard. From the dashboard, vendors can create new products, update existing products, view orders, access earnings stats, communicate with customers, and edit their account details.

    All great marketplaces include thorough review processes to ensure vendors and products on the site are high quality. To assist in keeping your marketplace full of top quality vendors and products, Frontend Submissions includes complete review processes for new vendor registration and product submissions.

    To help site administrators stay aware of new product submissions and vendor registrations, Frontend Submissions includes complete email notification options. Emails can be sent when products are submitted, products are updated, vendors register, commissions are earned, and more. Each email can be configured separately to include exactly the information you want.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Social Login v2.4.3

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Social Login Nulled EDD CodeCanyon 20720969
    Easy Digital Download Social Login extension allows users to log in and checkout with social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google, Yahoo, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Windows Live, VK.com, Instagram, Amazon and Paypal.

    It has been proven countless times that the easier it is for a customer to create an account during checkout, the more likely they are to complete their purchase. This extension makes the Easy Digital Download checkout process another notch easier for customers that prefer to login via their favourite social networks.

  • WP Sheet Editor – EDD Downloads Pro v1.0.35


    Download WP Sheet Editor – EDD Downloads Pro Nulled Free Premium
    No import/export needed. All the changes apply live on the website.
    A Spreadsheet created specially for EDD products
    Creating a lot of EDD products is very difficult
    You need to create every download one at a time, enter the file details, prices, etc. and repeat.
    The Search is very limited. If you want to find downloads by file name, prices, bundle, etc. you can’t do it. You end up opening a lot of pages, make a lot of clicks, waste a lot of time.

    Advanced search for Downloads
    You can search by multiple fields and using multiple conditions.
    For example, find all downloads from category Music that cost > $ 50.
    Find files by bundle, find bundles by pricing, etc.
    Find all downloads that are missing images
    Find downloads by date, etc.

    Edit thousands of EDD products at once
    We have a formulas engine that lets you update a lot of products quickly.
    You can do powerful updates.
    You can replace values in ANY field = Replace prices, words in descriptions, categories, images, file names, etc.
    You can do math operations = Increase download prices by 20%, Decrease amounts by $10, etc.
    And more.

    Create EDD Products in Bulk
    You can create downloads quickly in multiple ways:
    You can write the download info in the sheet quickly.
    You can copy paste info from Excel
    You can copy paste download tables from other websites.
    You can use our autofill tool to copy information to multiple products at once.

    View all the information in a single place
    You can view all the download fields in the spreadsheet, you can view everything in a single page.
    You can edit all the fields too, including files, variable pricing, bundle products, required prices for files and bundles, categories, tags, and more.
    It shows custom fields added by other plugins automatically, no setup needed.

  • Currency Switcher for Easy Digital Downloads v1.5.0.190129

    Download Free Currency Switcher for Easy Digital Downloads
    Aelia Currency Switcher for Easy Digital Downloads allows your visitors to select in which currency they would like to see your prices, as well as complete transactions in such currency.

    Key Features:

    • Easy to use for both Site Administrators and End Users.
    • Allows Visitors to shop in their preferred currency.
    • Automatic update of exchange rates, via Open Exchange Rates or WebServiceX.
    • Possibility manually entering a price, in each currency, for each product, without having to use an exchange rate.
    • Automatic detection of Visitors’ Country, with currency set accordingly.
    • Filtering of available payment methods depending on the selected currency.
    • Possibility of setting exchange rates manually, instead of having them updated automatically.
    • Visitors’ preferred currency is persistent and it will be selected automatically at their next visit (feature requires Users to be logged on your shop).
    • Displays orders amounts in both the original currency in which they were placed, and the base one, for quick reference.

  • Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT Addon v1.4.1

    Download Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT Addon Nulled Free barn2.co.uk
    Easy Digital Downloads EU VAT is a WordPress plugin that allows any EDD store to meet European VAT law. It’s the easy way to solve your EU VAT headaches!

    Wherever you’re based, if you sell digital products to customers in the EU then your Easy Digital Downloads store must meet EU VAT rules. It’s the law!


    • Charges the correct VAT on sales to each EU country
    • Validates and stores customers’ VAT numbers
    • Removes and reverse-charges VAT on B2B sales


    • Works with EDD to store multiple location evidence
    • Collects and displays the postal and IP address
    • Easy to check and export evidence, ready for audit
Select your currency

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