• Easy Digital Downloads SOFORT Banking Addon v1.0

    This extension allows you to process payments through SOFORT Banking.
    Once activated, go to Downloads > Settings > Payments Gateways and enter your SOFORT Configuration ID.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Add to Cart Popup Addon v1.1.3

    This extension enables a popup window that displays Continue Shopping and Proceed to Checkout buttons after an item is added to the cart. A simple plugin that offers an extremely useful option, letting customers add all the products they want to their cart without being forced to go to the checkout page.

    The extension includes options to customize practically every aspect of the popup. You can add any text and images within the popup through the WYSIWYG editor, both for when the customer has single or multiple items in their cart.

    You can modify font sizes, colors, borders, shadows, overlaycolors, and much more. You can even set your own popup dimensions, change each button’s styling individually, and we have also implemented a detailed color picker that gives you all the options you can wish for.

    Lastly, gone are the days when you need to save the settings and try it out live on your site. One of the best new features is the Preview. You can preview each change live, while you’re modifying the settings, and it will popup over your dashboard.

    Creates the perfect bridge between the product page and checkout with Add to Cart Popup.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Advanced Sequential Order Numbers Addon v1.0.10

    Advanced Sequential Order Numbers allows you to assign sequential order numbers to payment records, and permits maintaining three separate series of order numbers. The number series include a temporary number series for when orders are not yet completed, an optional number series for free orders, and a number series for completed orders.

    With Advanced Sequential Order numbers, you can set the prefix and postfix for each series separately, enable or disable specific number series, and even manually adjust the next number in the series.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Campaign Tracker Addon v1.0

    Campaign Tracker is an extension for Easy Digital Downloads that tracks Google Analytics campaign data and associates Easy Digital Downloads orders with campaigns. This allows you to better understand and monitor where your customers are coming from. It also allows you to easily assess the success rates for your Google Analytics campaigns.

    The tracked data will be displayed in the following places.

    • Payment History screen
    • Order Details screen
    • New sale email

    This extension can track the following fields from Google campaign data.

    • Campaign Name
    • Campaign Source
    • Campaign Medium
    • Campaign Term
    • Campaign Content

    Purchase records can easily be filtered to display just purchases from specific campaigns. An earnings graph that displays sales and earnings from campaigns is also included.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Acquisition Survey Addon v1.0.2

    Acquisition Survey allows you to gather information from your customers during purchase about how they found you.

    Once activated, a new “How did you hear about us?” will be added to the checkout screen.

    The options displayed in the field can be customized to best suit each site the extension is installed on.

    Store admins also receive the option to view reports on what customers are selecting from the options, giving you a better idea of where your customers come from.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Download Email Attachments Addon v1.1.1

    Send download files as email attachments.

    Just activate the plugin and all the download’s files (including bundled downloads) will be attached to the purchase receipt. You can also override this setting and enable it on a per download level.

    Pay special attention to the size of your download attachments. This extension is great for sending files as attachments, but a large file over 10mb may not reach a customer’s inbox. Some customer’s may have the maximum size for an email set even lower. Also note that this plugin does not remove download links from the purchase confirmation page (this can be done by editing the shortcode-receipt page), or the purchase confirmation receipt (you can remove download links from the email yourself).

  • Easy Digital Downloads Coupon Importer Addon v1.1.2

    This extension allows you to import coupons into your store in bulk via CSV. Simple setup your CSV file with all of the discounts you wish to import, upload the file, and click Import.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Password Meter Addon v1.2.1

    This extension allows you to integrate a configurable password meter with minimum strength requirements into the EDD user registration form which is optionally displayed on guest purchases. In addition to password strength verification, the password meter also allows users to toggle password visibility, and generate secure passwords inline.
  • Easy Digital Downloads Mad Mimi Addon v1.0.1

    This add-on will add an option to the checkout page that allows users to signup for your Mad Mimi newsletter at the same time as purchasing. As just a simple checkbox, this is guaranteed to create more newsletter sign ups than a regular subscribe form placed elsewhere on your site.

    In the Misc section of the Easy Digital Downloads Settings, you will have options to enter your Mad Mimi email addres, Mad Mimi API key, choose the email list to subscribe users to, and an option to define the checkout field label.

  • Easy Digital Downloads EDD Product Updates Addon v1.2.7

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads EDD Product Updates Addon Nulled EDD
    Send personalized email messages to your customers with new download links for updated products within Easy Digital Downloads. When you release an updated version of a product, rather than confuse customers by resending their purchase receipts, use this extension to send an email with a message tailored to the update by taking full advantage of Easy Digital Download’s email tag system and powerful self-expiring download links.

    Customizable Email Message – Craft a message separate from purchase receipt emails so you can engage easily with your customers on a more targeted level while delivering updates to your digital products – whether that’s a new edition of your eBook or a fix for a corrupted file.

    Additional Email Tags – The {updated_products} and {updated_products_links} tags drop into emails easily to show, respectively, a plain list of updated products and a list of updated products with download links. A third tag, {unsubscribe_link}, allows customers to opt-out of future updates.

    Complete Unsubscribe System – The added {unsubscribe} email tag outputs a link customers can click on to be removed from future product updates. If clicked on accident, it’s easy to re-subscribe via single button click. Additionally, admins have the ability to unsubscribe/resubscribe customers on their payment history page.

    Customer History Logs – Major actions are logged to each customer’s payment history page including when they are sent an update email and when they unsubscribe/resubscribe from updates.

    Batch Sending of Emails – The extension breaks up emails into batches and sends them in the background (with a front-end UI to show you the progress) so you don’t have to worry about the process timing out PHP on your server.

    Complete Email Management UI – Edit multiple email drafts or view sent, cancelled, and queued emails all from the WordPress Dashboard. Perfect for planning email updates in advance or remembering when previous updates were sent.

    Email Preview Confirmation – See a preview of your email, with templates and tags processed, before saving changes or sending the email.

    Send Test Emails – If you’d rather preview your email message inside different email clients, you can easily send test emails to up to five different email addresses – with tags interpreted and displayed just as your customers will see them.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Pushover Notifications Addon v1.3.3

    Easy Digital Downloads Pushover Notifications Addon
    Pushover Notifications for Easy Digital Downloads is an extension that allows you to receive push notifications of sales and daily earnings on your iOS and Android devices.This extension also includes options to alert you when discount codes are nearing expiration and/or max usage.

    Pushover is a third-party service that can send notifications to your iOS and Android devices. This add-on integrates with the Pushover service to send you notifications any time a new sale is made through Easy Digital Downloads. It will tell you the item(s) that was sold and the amount of the purchase. It can also send daily alerts with a breakdown of sales and earnings for the day.

    This is a great add-on for keeping up to date with your store and knowing exactly when you have made a sale.

  • Easy Digital Downloads Variable Pricing Switcher Addon v1.0.5

    Download Free Easy Digital Downloads Variable Pricing Switcher Addon Nulled EDD
    This extension allows customers to easily switch between price options on the checkout screen.

    Keeping customers on the checkout screen is a great way to improve conversion rates. When customers get distracted and leave the checkout screen, perhaps to select different product options, they are far more likely to abandon their purchase.

    When a product includes multiple purchase options, such as license levels, allowing customers to select the price option they wish to purchase from the checkout screen can help prevent customers from leaving the checkout screen if they change their mind on which option to purchase.

    Imagine you sell a product that has three license options:

    • Bronze
    • Silver
    • Gold

    If each level is similar, customers may not always be immediately sure which option they wish to purchase. With products that offer multiple license levels, customers often change their mind once they reach the checkout screen and wish to change their selected license. This is where Variable Pricing Switcher is valuable.

    For single-product sites, or sites that do not need a shopping cart, this extension provides a “Disable cart on checkout page” option that will remove the shopping cart from the checkout page. This feature can be used in combination with the pricing switcher to simplify the checkout process.

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